NCOALink connection and processing troubleshooting checklist

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NCOALink connection and processing troubleshooting checklist

Post by Dave » Mon Dec 08, 2008 8:31 am

If you are either having trouble processing files through our licensed NCOALink service or are having trouble connecting, please look at some of the more common issues.

Connecting to the FTP:

1. Make sure your firewall on windows is turned off for troubleshooting the connection. You can find this setting under the control panel.

2. Make sure if you have a 3rd party firewall, (like Symantec or Macafee) they are disabled temporarily while troubleshooting the issue.

3. Make sure your IT department has not blocked your access to either ports 20-21 or the

4. If you are receiving an error while processing a file or testing the connection (error 127...), Make sure your username and password is typed in correctly into the ftp connection setup under Additions>FTP Connection setup in the software. This information was sent in the original setup email. If you have lost the username, you can call 805-461-7300 or email to retrieve it.

5. Some firewalls must have an "Active" connection to the FTP, if this is the case, enable the checkbox for "Use Passive Mode" under Additions>Move Update>FTP Connection Setup.

Processing files:

1. If you are receiving an error that "There must be at least 100 unique names.....". The most common cause for this error is that your name information is not assigned to the field called "FIRST"

2. If your file comes back and does not update, one issue may be the file is stored in an area on your network that AccuZIP cannot write back to.
> Try moving the file locally and rerun the file.
> Also make sure the path+file name does not contain any characters (#,^.',!,/) , this can cause an issue with MS FoxPro reading the path.
> Make sure the path+file name is not more than 150 characters in length. You can Copy/Paste the following command into the command window to get the length.

Code: Select all

Messagebox('There Are '+ALLT(STR(LEN(DBF())))+' Characters in The Path+File Name, 150 is the Max for NCOAlink')
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Post by Eric » Fri Dec 12, 2008 9:40 am

If your file uploads but doesn't download, it could have to do with the name of your file. If your file name is longer than 30 characters, close the file, rename it, then open the file in AccuZIP6, and validate it again. Before validation, pull down Additions to Move Update > Delete All Pending Files.
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Re: NCOALink connection and processing troubleshooting checklist

Post by Terry » Wed Apr 24, 2019 11:55 am

For users using Sonic Wall Gateway Antivirus

If your FTP Connection Test is successful, but NCOA processing fails when attempting to send the ZIP file, this is because Gateway Antivirus has an option to "automatically restrict access of password protected ZIP files" enabled by default. The ZIP files used in NCOA are NOT password protected, but the connection process is encrypted. This is creating a false-positive for Gateway, and it is not allowing the process to complete.

Follow these instructions to disable that feature:

1) Click on the Settings button under the protocol in the Gateway Anti-Virus Global Settings screen.
2) Uncheck "Restrict Transfer of password-protected ZIP files.
3) Click OK.

Your NCOA process should now complete normally.

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