Add A Blank Record Between Trays

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Add A Blank Record Between Trays

Post by Dave » Wed Dec 02, 2009 3:49 pm

Add A Blank Record Between Trays

• Presort the list as normal.
• Click Print Labels.
• Select Disk file as the output and click Continue.
• Export the list as a new AccuZIP6 database.
• Open the new database from the File>Open>Database option.
• Pull down Edit>Commands and run the command below.
• The command will add a blank record between the trays, now you can export the list to whatever format you need.

You can create the command by pulling down the Edit>Commands option, then creating a new command.

Code: Select all

copy to "C:\blank.dbf" fields sequence, traymark_ for !empty(traymark_)
USE ("C:\blank.dbf") IN 0 ALIAS "merge"
replace all traymark_ with "##" 
append from "C:\blank.dbf"
index on sequence+cont_id tag mytag
USE IN IIF(USED("merge"),SELECT("merge"),0)

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