Cannot Delete File using Delete File Command

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Cannot Delete File using Delete File Command

Post by Kristen » Tue Jun 02, 2009 8:08 am

1) When attempting to use the DELETE FILE Command using the following command syntax- Example: DELETE FILE "G:\WINDOWS\TEMP\TEST.TXT" and the file will not delete even though both the user and everyone has FULL Read/Write/Delete permissions on the Entire Directory, File AND Folder

2) If files are not being deleted from the Temporary/Working folder in AccuZIP's Properties Window (The Working Disk directory set in AccuZIP under File - Properties - Folders Tab)

The issue may be the following:

There is likely an Active directory issue and/or a policy that is in place which prevents non-owners or non-creators of folders from deleting or creating files under certain circumstances even if they have Administrative Rights and FULL permisson on the File and Folder


Delete the folder where the file resides and recreate it, assign it Full Read/Write permissions and the DELETE FILE command should successfully work.

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