Calculate a check digit

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Calculate a check digit

Post by Eric » Thu Apr 03, 2008 8:23 am

The following command calculates a check digit when the ZIP+4 and delivery point are present in your database. The command assumes you have the following fields in your list:

chkdigit (for the check digit number)
dp (for the delivery point)

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replace all chkdigit with SUBSTR(PADL(ALLT(STR(100-(VAL(LEFT(zip,1))+VAL(SUBSTR(zip,2,1))+VAL(SUBSTR(zip,3,1))+VAL(SUBSTR(zip,4,1))+VAL(SUBSTR(zip,5,1))+VAL(SUBSTR(zip4,1,1))+VAL(SUBSTR(zip4,2,1))+VAL(SUBSTR(zip4,3,1))+VAL(SUBSTR(zip4,4,1))+VAL(SUBSTR(dp,1,1))+VAL(SUBSTR(dp,2,1))))),2,"0"),2,1)
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