Quick CASS and NCOALink report

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Quick CASS and NCOALink report

Post by Dave » Mon Oct 29, 2007 9:37 am

If you would like to print out a quick CASS/NCOALink and ANKLink report you can use this handy command.
Download the cassncoareport.zip file, and unzip it into the C:\Program Files\AccuZIP6 5.0\Commands folder. After you download the command you can run it from the Edit>Commands option.

Example of the report:
3277 Total Records
**CASS Counts**
2672 Confirmed Entire Address, (Good Deliverable Records)
3075 Records that received a Zip+4, Not necessarily 100% Deliverable
403 DPV Verified Primary address only Records, secondary information missing or not confirmed
5 Multi-Matched Records (Address missing component to code with +4)
4 Not Attempted Records
**NCOALink Counts**
32 Total Matched NCOALink Records
31 Moved through NCOALink Records
0 Moved Left no forwarding address Records
0 PO BOX Closed Records
0 Foreign Moved Records
1 Matched but couldn't update because of invalid new address Records
**ANKLink Counts**
24 Total Matched ANKLink Records
13 Moved outside of 18 months and a good COA on file
0 Moved Left no forwarding beyond 18 months
0 PO BOX Closed beyond 18 months
0 Foreign Moved beyond 18 months
11 Matched but couldn't update because of invalid new address beyond 18 months
**Extra information**
1 Address empty
17 ZIP empty
0 Records flagged for deletion
1303 Records marked in red

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