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Adding County Information to Simplified Lists

Posted: Thu Aug 14, 2014 10:24 am
by Terry
If you are creating an EDDM/Simplified Mailing List and you want to claim In-County Rates, those records have to include the county information in it. Considering you can't validate a record with no address, you can use this command to create and populate the Countynm_ and countyno_ fields, and then choose In-County Rates on the presort setup window to get your in-county rates claimed.

Code: Select all

ON ERROR com_message=message()
ALTER TABLE (alias()) ADD COLUMN countynm_ C(30)
ALTER TABLE (alias()) ADD COLUMN countyno_ C(3)
USE (ADDBS(xDefFldr)+"DMM\_uszips.dbf") IN 0 ALIAS _uszips ORDER USZIP
REPLACE countynm_ WITH _uszips.countynm FOR SEEK(LEFT(zip,5),"_uszips")
REPLACE countyno_ WITH _uszips.countyno FOR SEEK(LEFT(zip,5),"_uszips")
USE IN (SELECT("_uszips"))