Make QR Code scan results display any info from your file

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Make QR Code scan results display any info from your file

Post by Eric » Thu Aug 02, 2012 3:37 pm

The QR Code built into the 5164 With QR Code template, when scanned, will display the result of the URL in the userpcqr field. If you don't want the barcode scan to display a website address but instead display other information in your database, you can adjust the template to handle this.

Open the Print Settings window and choose the 5164 With Qr Code.lbx template.
Click Copy and give the new template a name.
Edit the new template and double-click on the top box object.

When the Field Expression window appears you will see: oPrintBc.QRCode(userpcqr,0)

Change this expression to: oPrintBc.QRCode(REDUCE(first+last+chr(13)+address+chr(13)+city+st+zip),0)

Click OK, then Save and Close the template and print away.

When you scan the resulting QR Code, the Name and Address will appear on your phone.

If you want the information from the Group3 field to appear when a QR Code is scanned, change the expression to the following:

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