Convert URL to QR Code data

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Convert URL to QR Code data

Post by Eric » Mon Jul 02, 2012 3:22 pm

You can use the Command window and the following syntax to create an Excel document. You cannot use the Export window or export to a Text file as the QR Code contains CR/LF characters.

You can open a database that contains the URL String you want to convert to a QR Code.

Run this command:

Code: Select all

SELECT *, padr(oPrintBc.QRCode(userpcqr,0),240) as qrcode1,padr(substr(oPrintBc.QRCode(userpcqr,0),241),240) as qrcode2 FROM ALIAS() INTO CURSOR myresult READWRITE
COPY TO ("c:\test.XLS") TYPE XL5
In the above command, change the userpcqr to whatever field name that your QR Code URL is in. Then you can open Microsoft Word and create a Mail Merge using the test.xls file that was created and use the new "qrcode1" and "qrcode2" fields right next to each other (the qrcode1 field contains the first half of the QR Code and the qrcode2 field contains the second half). Apply the "IDAutomation2D" font in whichever Font Size that will scan.

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