Create a 3602-C Consolidation Report for Drop Shipments

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Create a 3602-C Consolidation Report for Drop Shipments

Post by Eric » Fri May 15, 2009 2:23 pm

The following instructions will step you through creating the PS Form 3602-C in AccuZIP6.

Initial Steps:
1. Download the file and extract the file. Three files are contained in the .zip file.
2. Move the Create3602c.fxp to C:\Program Files\AccuZIP6 5.0
3. Move the 3602c.frt and 3602c.frx files to the C:\Program Files\AccuZIP6 5.0\Reports folder.
4. Launch AccuZIP6 5.0
5. Pull down File>Open Database
6. Navigate to the C:\Program Files\AccuZIP6 5.0\iPresort\Templates folder and open the presortout.dbf file.
7. Pull down the Edit menu to Fields, and add the following fields:

DBMC, character 5
DSCF, character 3
DDU, character 5
DDUKEY, character 9

Click OK then click Yes to make structure changes permanent.
8. Close the presortout.dbf file.

Steps for Printing the 3602-C using a Command and Print>Report:
1. Open the database that you want to presort, then presort the list.
2. When the Print Presort window appears, click on the Print Labels button.
3. When the Print Settings window appears, close it.
4. Close the Print Presort window.
5. From the Edit menu, choose Command…
6. Click New and give the new command a name, such as: Create 3602C Report
7. Press TAB and type this syntax into the Command Statement Syntax area: 

Code: Select all

8. Click Run
9. If you're prompted to open a .prt file, browse to the directory where your database is located, open the presort folder, then double click on presort.prt.
10. When the command is completed, close the Command window.
11. From the File menu, choose Open Database.
12. Locate the Presort Folder and open resulting PRESORT-3602C.DBF
13. Pull down the File menu to Print > Report.
Click on the Template pull down menu and select the 3602C.frx report.
Add the report to the List of Reports to Print. Make sure the only reports displayed in List of Reports to Print are the reports you're interested in printing at this time.

Print the 3602C.frx report.
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