Instructions for printing one piece of a firm bundle

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Instructions for printing one piece of a firm bundle

Post by Kristen » Tue Jul 29, 2008 10:44 am

To make it so that only one label prints per Firm Bundle, first you must have a Copies_ field in your database with the number of Copies that are going to each Firm Bundle. Next, pull the edit menu down to Command and run the following Command:

Command Statement Syntax:

Code: Select all

Replace all copies2 with ALLT(STR(copies_))
Then follow the directions below to set up the label template:

In the Label Designer window, pull down the Report menu to Data Grouping. In the Grouping area, in Group Expressions, type in:

IIF(“FIRM” $ endorse,address,sequence)

Click OK.

Double-click on the Detail bar. Note the height of the Detail. Click OK.

Double click on the Group Footer bar. Change the height to match the height of the Detail (so if the Detail height was 1 inch, make the Group Footer height 1 inch).

Hold down the Shift key while double clicking on the Detail bar and this will select all of your address lines (you can also drag a marquee around the address block, or hold down Shift while single-clicking on each line in the template to select all of your address lines).

With all of your address lines selected, drag the group down to the Group Footer band (below the Detail bar; above the Group Footer bar).

Double click on the Detail bar, and change the height to 0 inches.

Following these steps, which put your address block in the Group Footer area and takes those lines out of the Detail area, will make the address print only once per firm bundle.

To add the copies2 field to your template, click on the AB Tool in the toolbar, then draw a box where you want the copies2 field to print.
In the Report Expression window, type in Copies2 then click OK.

Close the template and click Yes to save the changes.

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