Intelligent Mail Package Barcode Requirements/Instructions

Information and solutions relating to printing and exporting the intelligent mail barcode.

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Intelligent Mail Package Barcode Requirements/Instructions

Post by Eric » Tue Nov 13, 2012 8:04 am

Effective January 26, 2014, all commercial packages must include:
• A unique Intelligent Mail® Package Barcode (IMpb)*
• Submission of electronic Shipping Services File v. 1.6 or higher** for each mailing.

The instructions below will guide you through successfully printing or exporting the Intelligent Mail Package Barcode, creating the Shipping Services File that needs to be electronically submitted to the USPS, and information on how to submit the Shipping Services File.

To successfully print the Intelligent Mail Package Barcode, you need to enter your Mailer ID into the IMpb section of the Intelligent Mail Setup window, and select a service type.

If you do not have an IMpb section in your Intelligent Mail Setup window, follow the Section 1 instructions below. Otherwise, skip to Section 2:

Section 1: Add an IMpb section to imailbcinfo.dat

Exit the AccuZIP6 program.
Browse to C:\Program Files (x86)\AccuZIP6 5.0\iMail
Open the imailbcinfo.dat file in Notepad.
Highlight the Standard Mail section of that text file, and press CTRL+C to copy it.
Scroll down to the bottom of the document, add an extra blank line, then hit CTRL+V to paste what you had copied.
To what you just pasted, change [Standard Mail] to [IMpb]
Change the service type to 001
Close the file, then click Yes to save the changes.

Section 2: Choose your IMpb Service Type in the Intelligent Mail Setup window

Launch AccuZIP6.
With or without a database open, pull down Additions to AccuTrace > Intelligent Mail Setup.
Scroll down to the IMpb section.
Make sure your Mailer ID is displayed in this section.
Double click on Service type. Double click the service type that you'd like to use.
Click OK, then click Yes to save the changes.

Section 3: Presort your database

If you have validated your list already, then pull down the Sort menu to Presort Mail.
Make sure your presort settings are correct, then hit Presort.
In Print Presort, click on Print Labels.

If you're printing your addresses and barcodes directly out of AccuZIP6, read Section 4.
If you're exporting your presorted data out of AccuZIP6, skip to Section 5.

Section 4: Select your Label Template

Select the 5164 Impb Certified.lbx template.
Check the Print Barcode box.
Check the Intelligent Mail box.
Skip to Section 6, below.

Section 5: Export the Intelligent Mail Package Barcode

From the Print Settings window, make sure the Output pull down menu is on Disk File, then click continue.
In the Export Setup window, select your export map or choose the fields you'd like to export.
For the export format, do not choose CSV. The data resulting in the export of the impb might contain commas, and this will force the barcode to be split into multiple fields. Export this file as tab delimited text or another format other than csv.

To Export the barcode, create a new line that is at least 60-characters wide. In the name column, type: IMpb. In the expression box, use this expression:


To export the human-readable string below that, create a new line that is at least 60-characters wide. In the Name column, type hr_impb or give it whatever name you'd like (up to 10 characters) and enter this expression into that row's expression box:


Re-save your export map. Choose your export format, and you're ready to export.

Using these two expressions, you'll get the IMpb and the IMpb Human Readable Line. The barcode will look like this in a resulting text file:


When assigning a font to the IMPB, use IDAutomationC128L, Regular, Size 15.

Section 6: Electronically submit the Shipping Services File (SSF)

When you click Print or Continue from the Print Settings window, a file with a .manifest extension will be created in your presort folder. This is your Shipping Services File (SSF version 1.7) that needs to be submitted electronically to the USPS. You can quickly access your presort folder from the Print Presort window by clicking on the Presort Path link.

Before you can submit Shipping Services files to USPS, you must first register with the National Customer Support Center (NCSC).

To register, contact the USPS National Customer Support Center Confirmation Services. You can reach NCSC at 1-877-264-9693, Option 1.
Let them know you want to register for:

Computer access for the submission of electronic Shipping Services File Version 1.7 for use with the Intelligent Mail Package barcode

The NCSC will provide you with the information you need to get started. You will receive a test kit, and will need to provide a sample Shipping Services file (the .manifest file that's in your presort folder) to go through an approval process. The NCSC may also require you to provide sample IMpb barcodes to demonstrate that you are able to produce these correctly.

Note: The .manifest file (a.k.a., Shipping Services File) created inside your presort folder will be named similar to: 20140220_93750201109000005410287912_.manifest. Important: Before uploading the *.manifest file, add the “Username” the NCSC provides to you for uploading your files immediately before the .manifest extension in the file name, e.g., 20140220_93750201109000005410287912_xxxx.manifest
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Human Readable Line of the IMPB

Post by Eric » Wed Apr 17, 2013 9:52 am

Here is how to read the Human Readable Line of the Intelligent Mail Package Barcode, according to Barcode, Package, Intelligent Mail® SPECIFICATION

Always "92" when a 9-digit Mailer Identifier is used. Always "93" when a 6-digit Mailer Identifier is used.

The IMpb Service Type

Mailer Identifier

NEXT 7, 10, 11, OR 14 DIGITS
Serial Number
If the Mailer Identifier is 9 digits, use a 7- or 11- digit number; if the Mailer Identifier is 6 digits, use a 10- or 14- digit number.

Check Digit
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