Exporting expressions and information including exporting data in presort order or import order, and importing information, along with error messages that may apply to this category.

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Post by pinpresort » Fri Dec 19, 2008 11:15 am

How do I change the Header after the file has been presorted??

Problem: When importing I used existing header -- when I get to presort print it wont print some hears -- becuase it does not know what is there

I would like to change the header after I presort so that what is there will print

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Post by Terry » Fri Dec 19, 2008 3:01 pm

The field names cannot be modified once the file is presorted. You can see the field names that have been assigned within the Print Settings window, in the Database preview area.

If you're exporting, you can change field names by first double-clicking your desired field from the field list. That will move the field over to the Export Fields Attributes area. At that point, you can type the name that it currently has into the "Expression" column. That tells AccuZIP to export that field. Then change the "Name" column to your desired field name. Doing this will export the presorted field name as whatever you called it in the Name column.

Within the presort environment itself, however, you'd have to define the fields on a label template for it to print correctly. You can't change the fields to match a template without backing out of the presort and modifying the fields manually with Edit>Fields, and then presorting again.

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