Replace Bundle Field on Last Record of a CRRT

Exporting expressions and information including exporting data in presort order or import order, and importing information, along with error messages that may apply to this category.

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Replace Bundle Field on Last Record of a CRRT

Post by Kristen » Tue Jul 08, 2008 8:30 am

These instructions will populate the "Bundle" field with the "+" on the last record of the crrt based on the CRRT field changing from say, C001 to C002. If you need a different character you can replace the " + " with a different character:

1) Presort your database and export the database as an AccuZIP6 5.0 database in presorted order
2) Pull the File menu down to Open Database and open the presorted database
3) Run a Show Duplicates on the list, using the User Defined duplicate search, based on zip+crrt
4) In the Priority record area, choose Newest, then run the dupe search, then update the database
5) After updating the database, pull down the Edit menu to Mark. Click on All, make sure Include Deleted is Not checked, then click Mark.
6) After doing that, pull down Edit to Recall. Recall Deleted.
7) Pull the File menu down to Export, and when you're exporting, export a field named Bundle. To do this, type in the word Bundle in the Name area and make the LEN of the column 1
8) Put this expression in the expression text area:
9) Choose your Export Format and Export

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