Export the Code 128 Barcode characters

Exporting expressions and information including exporting data in presort order or import order, and importing information, along with error messages that may apply to this category.

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Export the Code 128 Barcode characters

Post by Eric » Mon Jun 25, 2007 9:30 am

To export the Code 128 Barcode characters for use in another program, follow these steps:

1. Presort your list.

2. From the Print Presort window click Labels and the Print Settings window will appear.

3. From the Print Settings window select “Disk File” from the “Output Type” popup and click Continue.

4. From the Export Setup window, click the “Add User Defined Line to Export” button (located to the right of the “Export All Fields” check box)

5. Enter: Code128 as the name of the new field.

6. Copy/Paste the line below into the Expression text box area on the same row as the Code128:

Code: Select all

7. Add all of the other fields you want and select the Export Format you want, i.e. Comma Separated, dBase, etc…

8. Click Export.
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