Getting Variable TRAYNO not found when I export my presort

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Getting Variable TRAYNO not found when I export my presort

Post by Eric » Fri Sep 22, 2006 8:41 am

You're getting that error message because you're using an export map from version 4.0 that included the trayno field, which is a field that held your tray number information in version 4.

In version 5.0, the tray numbers are in the field named CONT_ID.

Two more changes:

The sequence numbers are in a field named sequence, rather than sequence_

The bundle information is in GPB_ID, instead of bundle or pkgno.

The GPB_ID and CONT_ID fields are Character type fields, rather than Numeric type fields. If your expression for exporting the tray number, bundle number and endorsement with asterisks in between looked like this:

Code: Select all

Then replace that expression with this one, then save your export map:

Code: Select all

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