Net Postage Due confusion

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Net Postage Due confusion

Post by Eric » Tue Aug 23, 2011 12:13 pm

Here’s an email exchange that we had in July 2011 with the BMA Certification Dept at the national USPS in Memphis:
In the past, the Net Postage Due box on the Standard Mail Form is supposed to be left blank if there is no Postage Affixed. Now we have a post office that wants us to fill the Net Postage Due and put 0 in the Incentive/Fee area, even if there is no incentives or postage affixed.

Can I get a ruling on this please?
Answer from PAVE:
We have received confirmation that your understanding is correct.

The instructions on how 'Net Postage Due' should be dealt with was distributed to all field activities in the April 28th 'BMA Newsletter'. I believe, as a result of your query, it's planned to repeat the article in the August 4th Newsletter.

The BMA Newsletter is an internal document and we are prohibited from sharing it, in full or any parts, with anyone outside the Postal Service. But you should be able to advise the post office that is questioning the Statement of that Newsletter date.
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