Get Saturation and 5 digit rates rather than basic crrt

Information relating to the presorting process in AccuZIP6, which may include rate change information and news about important updates as well as regulation changes or DMM Rules interpretation.

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Get Saturation and 5 digit rates rather than basic crrt

Post by Eric » Fri Dec 17, 2010 9:59 am

When you presort and receive saturation and high density rates, you might also get basic carrier route rates instead of 5 digit barcoded rates. To get the 5 digit barcoded rates instead of the basic carrier route rates, follow these instructions:

After presorting your database in AccuZIP6, click on the presort path in the Print Presort window.
Make a copy of the Presort.ini file, then paste it outside of the presort folder. Rename the file: disk file.ini.
Back in AccuZIP6, in the Print Presort window, click on the Print Labels button.
In Print Settings, change the Output pull down menu to Disk File and click Continue.
In the Export Setup window, check the All Fields box. Click on Export Format and choose a format of AccuZIP6 5.x Database. Click Export.
Leave the file name as disk file.dbf and save it to the same directory as the disk file.ini.
Click Save.

Close the Export window, the Print Settings window and the Print Presort window. Close your database.

Pull down the File menu to Open Database. Open the disk file.dbf.
Click on the Look In pull down menu and choose Endorse. In the Find text box, type: ECRLOT
With just the ECRLOT records on your screen, pull down the Special menu to Fill.
In the Fill window, click on SELECTION.
Choose the crrt field.
Leave the Fill With area blank.
In the Options area, choose Replace contents of field.
Click Fill.

Now that the crrt field has been emptied on those records, those records will not get ECRLOT rates when you presort again.

Pull down the Select menu to Show All or press CTRL+A to do a show all.

Presort your list again. Now you should get Saturation and high density rates, and 5 digit barcoded rates as your third best rate.
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