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Multi Carrier Routes Bundle

Posted: Wed Dec 08, 2010 9:24 am
by Eric
Here is the reference for the MULTI Endorsement. AccuZIP6 is one of the few companies that support this option, which will help speed up mail delivery.

DMM 345.6.5 referenced below:

6.5 Multi Carrier Routes Bundle

A mailer may combine individual eligible bundles of Standard Mail Enhanced Carrier Route basic price mail into a multi carrier routes bundle of the same 5-digit ZIP Code under these conditions:
a.Individual carrier route bundles cannot exceed 1 inch (except for a multicarrier routes bundle under 6.5b) and must be secured with two bands, one around the length and one around the girth.
b.A multi carrier routes bundle can contain one individual bundle that exceeds 1 inch to serve as an anchor.
c.The multi carrier routes bundle must meet the standards in 2.3 through2.6.
d.The multi carrier routes bundle must be secured with at least two bands, one around the length and one around the girth; or with shrinkwrap; or with shrinkwrap plus one or more bands.
e.The multi carrier routes bundle must be labeled with an optional endorsement line (OEL). The top bundle must contain the carrier route information for the individual bundle preceded by the endorsement "Multi" and two asterisks (e.g., **************Multi**C-001).
f.A multi carrier routes bundle that exceeds the maximum heights in 2.6 by less than the thickness of an individual carrier route bundle (e.g., 1 inch or less) meets the standards.