Tags.txt Structure Definition

Information relating to the presorting process in AccuZIP6, which may include rate change information and news about important updates as well as regulation changes or DMM Rules interpretation.

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Tags.txt Structure Definition

Post by Eric » Wed Nov 03, 2010 9:26 am

Tags.txt Structure Definition generated by AccuZIP6 5.0 when Container Tags are printed

Example data:
"PINE GROVE CA","95665","PSVC FLTS 5D BC","ROSEVILLE CA 95661","T# 1 66 PCS S","95665635","N","1",0

"PINE GROVE CA" - Container Label
"95665" - Container ZIP
"PSVC FLTS 5D BC" - Container CIN Verbiage
"ROSEVILLE CA 95661" - Origin Post Office
"T# 1 66 PCS S" - Container Number, Container Quantity, Container Type (S=Sack, 1=1’MM, 2’MM)
"95665635" - Container Barcode String
"N" - Automation Indicator (Y=Yes, N=No)
"1" - Number of Container Tags to Print
0 - Bundle Count
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