Net Postage Due on Permit Imprint Mailings

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Net Postage Due on Permit Imprint Mailings

Post by Eric » Wed May 26, 2010 7:57 am

Beginning with version 5.4.22 (if you have an older version of AccuZIP6, install the June/July 2010 DVD, then visit to install 5.4.22 or a later version), when you choose Permit Imprint as the postage method, the Net Postage Due line will now print blank. While there is no DMM reference or other reference specifying that this is required, some post offices are rejecting mail when there's a Net Postage Due total.

If your post office now has a problem with Net Postage Due not being filled out for Permit Imprint mailings, you can forward them this from the BMA Certification Department:

It appears to be saying that, if there are additional charges assessed after the mailing is received, the unit is to add the additional charges for a Permit Imprint Statement to the "Total Postage Due" line and not the "Net Postage Due".

That, in turn, implies the "Net Postage Due" would be left blank in such cases.

We received this in September of last year - long after many developers had completed the Certification for that cycle. I believe yours was completed in June.

We were under the impression that, instead of going backward, we might be better able to stress this during the next cycle and hope that nothing "earth shaking" would intervene.
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