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Saturation vs. High Density Rates

Posted: Wed Sep 24, 2008 12:11 pm
by Kristen
If your list is in Walk Sequence order below is an explanation of when you will get Saturation rates vs. High Density rates:

You need to mail to 90% of residences in a carrier route, or 75% of the total active addresses in the route in order to get Saturation rates. Otherwise you get High Density rates if you have 125 or more in a route. So if you are mailing to an entire route and still not getting Saturation rates, this could mean that our CRRT counts are older than the data source of where the Walk Sequence list was purchased from. Our carrier routes are updated every two months with the DVD bi-monthly updates and carrier route counts may change in between your updates. Make sure you’ve installed the latest DVD update to ensure you are validating against the latest USPS database files available from AccuZIP.