Do I need to put my mail on pallets?

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Do I need to put my mail on pallets?

Post by Eric » Thu Aug 13, 2015 10:42 am

If you are dropping 500 lbs of mail (or more) and you decide to put your mail on a pallet, then you must follow the DMM Rule 705.8.5.2.a Required Preparation rules, which states:
8.5.2 Required Preparation
The following standards apply to Periodicals, Standard Mail, Parcel Select, and Package Services, except Parcel Select mailed at NDC Presort, ONDC Presort, DSCF, and DDU prices.

a. Mailers must prepare a pallet to the required sortation level(s) for the class of mail when a mailing contains 500 or more pounds of bundles, sacks, or parcels or 72 linear feet or six layers of letter trays for the destination.
However, if you drop your mailing that consists of over 72 linear feet of trays or over 500 lbs of flats at the post office and you don’t put all of that on a pallet, then you're fine. You don't have to abide by pallet rules [in DMM 705.8] because you are not preparing pallets. If the BMEU clerk tells you they'd prefer your mail arrive on a pallet and you do this, and it's over 500 lbs of mail or 72 linear feet of trays, then you will need the pallet module because you now need required prep levels and proper pallet cards.

So in short, it is: If you’re not putting mail onto pallets, then the entire Section 705.8 Preparing Pallets does not apply to you, so ignore it. If you take your non-palletized mailing to the post office and do them a favor by throwing the mail on a pallet, then you have to follow the rules of 705.8, and that means no courtesy cards, and that means going back to your office and presorting again, but this time with the Pallet box checked in the Presort Setup window.
Some are still reading the renamed guidelines that are posted on RIBBS rather than the DMM. Here are the DMM references that we provide regarding (1) palletization which is optional & not required for any mail class even though it seems we hear mostly about First-Class & (2) when container/pallet placards are/are not required. Courtesy pallets continue to be unsupported in the DMM.

The main problem with the attached is that it suggests pallets are required particularly for First-Class if a minimum of 72 linear feet of mail is entered. That’s true only IF the mailer can produce pallets. If not, the mailer should work with the local entry unit to determine the appropriate container if larger quantities are entered on a routine basis.

Randy Ford
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To further this point about the DMM, nowhere in DMM 230 or DMM 240, where it includes First Class and Standard Class Mail Preparation and Entry and Deposit, does it state any rules or requirements pertaining to 500 lbs or 72 linear feet of trays. You have to view Advanced Preparation: Preparing Pallets in order to view the 500 lb rule, and that should only be viewed if you plan on using pallets.

What about the Full-Service Palletization Fact Sheet? Doesn't that contradict this post?

No. ... tSheet.pdf

Pallet preparation and placarding is always required when:
 The mail on a pallet is equal to or greater than 500 pounds of bundles/sacks or 72 feet of trays or 24 flat tubs

This rule does not read: If you have greater than equal or greater than 500 pounds of mail. This rule reads: if the mail that is on a pallet is equal or greater than 500 pounds of mail. Again, the prerequisite is: Your mail is on a pallet.

If you are putting your mail on a pallet, then there are rules you have to follow, and the fact sheet briefly explains some of these rules and DMM 705.8 goes into greater detail, especially if you have 500 lbs or 72 linear feet of mail that you're putting on a pallet. If you are not putting your mail on a pallet, you can ignore the Palletization rules, as they do not apply to you.
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