Presorting a list with Walk Sequence numbers.

Information relating to the presorting process in AccuZIP6, which may include rate change information and news about important updates as well as regulation changes or DMM Rules interpretation.

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Presorting a list with Walk Sequence numbers.

Post by Donna » Fri Jul 03, 2015 12:16 pm

How to successfully presort a list with Walk Sequence numbering for Saturation rates.

When importing your list into AccuZIP6, you will need to assign 2 additional fields, as well as the standard address, city, st, and zip fields:

Assign the field Walkseq_ to the walk sequence number field.

You will have a CRRT field that designates the Carrier Route, for now import it with out mapping it to CRRT.

Go to Edit>Fields and rename the CRRT field that came with the list to CRRT1. We do not want to overwrite this field during Validation.

Do not Optimize a list with walk sequence numbers.

When Validating your list uncheck these boxes near the bottom of the Output: column on the Validation screen.
1. Clear Existing+4 if not coded
2. Clear Barcode Field if not coded.
3. Clear Existing CRRT if not coded.

Next on the upper left of the Validation Screen under Integrity:
Check the box by Don't Modify Input Address.

After Validation is finished go to Edit>Fields.

Rename the CRRT field that Accuzip added to another name. (CRRT2)
Then rename the original CRRT (CRRT1) field that came with the list to CRRT.

(This CRRT field matches the Walk Sequence number provided to you.)

DO NOT process a list with Walk Sequence numbers through NCOAlink.
To stop the NCOALink process from beginning after Validation, uncheck the NCOAlink box on the lower right section of the Validation Screen.

After setting up the Presort Setup Screen make sure the following boxes are checked.
1. Include Non Zip+4 Records
2. Include Carrier Route Level.

Following these steps should result in a presort with Saturation Rates if the list meets the requirements for those rates.

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