Three reasons why EDDM Facing Slips box is disabled

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Three reasons why EDDM Facing Slips box is disabled

Post by Eric » Tue Mar 03, 2015 1:19 pm

There are three main reasons why the Facing Slips box would be disabled in the Print Presort > Reports window after you've completed an EDDM Mailing:

1) If you have any records that are flagged for deletion in your list (such as the header record), pull down the Edit menu to Pack Database to get rid of the deleted records.

2) In the Presort Setup window, the class you chose was Standard Mail instead of Standard Mail (EDDM)

3) Look at Page 2 of the Mailing Statement. If you have any pieces that are not getting Saturation rates, then the Facing Slips box will be disabled.

TIP: In Print Settings, click on the Print Labels button. These non-saturation records will either appear at the top of the Print Settings window's database or at the very bottom. Identify these, delete them from the database you're presorting, then try presorting again.
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