Change in linking to USPS Data with Aug/Sept DVD

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Change in linking to USPS Data with Aug/Sept DVD

Post by Eric » Thu Jul 23, 2009 8:14 am


To increase validation speed in AccuZIP6, before the August/September DVD you had pointed the dphe.hsc item to your RAM disk or Flash Drive. The USPS Links window has changed a little. Now, click on the DPV Data button, then locate the dphe.hsa file on your RAM Disk or Flash Drive. Select it then click Connect, and that will successfully link and help improve your validation speed.
Note: When you're able to connect, the path for SuiteLink will be empty. This is a feature that will be added to a future version of AccuZIP6.

For complete instructions on increasing validation speed in AccuZIP6, visit this technote:
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