Why are validated addresses getting returned?

Support information relating to the CASS Certification process of AccuZIP6. More information can be found in the NCOALink forum.

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Why are validated addresses getting returned?

Post by Eric » Thu Nov 16, 2006 10:22 am

CASS Certification compares your addresses against the USPS Database of address ranges. When there's a match, the validation process of AccuZIP6 fills in your barcode and carrier route fields, and gives matching records a ZIP+4.

When you presort your mail, you can get automation barcoded rates or carrier route rates for these pieces. Given that, some of the mail still might get returned to you.

The address that you're mailing to might not exist, even though it was matched to an address range in the USPS Database. Here's what I mean:

If you have an address of 150 Main St in Los Angeles, CA and the USPS Database shows Main St in Los Angeles, CA with an address range on Main St of 100-200, then your address will be considered Valid during CASS Certification. But so will every other possible number within the 100-200 range.

In reality, there probably aren't 100 different addresses within the 100-200 range. Even though the address validated successfully, there's still a possibility the address doesn't exist.

While your records are going through validation, each valid record gets additionally passed through the USPS' DPV database, and this is a database of actual addresses. When Validation is finished, you'll be able to look in a DPV_ field to find out which records have real addresses, and which records validated but are not real addresses.

What if the address is a good one, but the person or company has moved? What if they closed their PO Box?

You can track the people who have moved or who have closed their PO Boxes by using the AccuMuv service. During the Validation process, AccuZIP6 takes your validated records, and through an internet connection, uploads the data to our NCOA Servers, which are updated weekly. The names (or company names) and addresses are matched against the NCOA Database, and for anybody who has filled out a change of address form within the last 18 months, the address information will be downloaded from the NCOA Database into your database, updating your address information. You'll also know if they have moved and left no forwarding address, if they've moved out of the country, or if they've closed their PO Box.

Learn more about the AccuMuv service that uses NCOALink to update your addresses.
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