z4change required fields

Support information relating to the CASS Certification process of AccuZIP6. More information can be found in the NCOALink forum.

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z4change required fields

Post by Eric » Fri Jan 30, 2015 2:44 pm

You will need the following AccuZIP6 database that you will store in your database and return back to AccuZIP6 in the CSV so that Z4Change can process the list.

Fields Required for Z4Change Processing:
Note: The fields can be in any order
Company Name (if applicable)
Standardized Address
Standardized City
Standardized State Abbreviation
Standardized ZIP or ZIP+4
DPVNotes_ column (DPV Flag first 4-bytes minimum, e.g., AABB)
DP column (Delivery Point 2-bytes)
Type_ (Address Type 1-byte)
Primary_ column (10-bytes)
Pre_ column (2-bytes)
Street_ column (28-bytes)
Post_ column (2-bytes)
Suffix_ column (4-bytes)
Abrev_ column (4-bytes)
Secy_ column (8-bytes)
Pmb_ column (3-bytes)
Pmbno_ column (8-bytes)
Cassdate_ column (6 bytes)
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