NCOA process changes...

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NCOA process changes...

Post by cmichael » Tue Dec 02, 2008 11:07 am

At the company I work for, we do quite a bit of address data cleanup for customers to reduce the number of undeliverables. Since the NCOA option is part of the validation process, I'm finding myself validating the data (without NCOA), going through the undeliverables and cleaning them up, and then having to re-validate in order to NCOA the final list.

My suggestion is to add another way to NCOA a list outside the validation process. Perhaps just a button on the toolbar. This new way would only send validated and verified records to be NCOA processed.

This way, we can clean up our data beforehand, making sure as many addresses as possible are deliverable before we send the list to AccuZip for NCOA processing and we don't have to validate multiple times in order to accomplish this.

Christopher Michael

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