New Features added to AccuZIP6 5.0

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New Features added to AccuZIP6 5.0

Post by Eric » Fri Oct 19, 2007 1:13 pm

1. A new check box in the Presort window for Detached Address Labels has been added. This is applicable for Standard Class, Flat Size mail and only when the “Include Carrier Route” box is checked. The software will now print a new line on the Mailing Statement postage summary, Page 2 for DETACHED ADDRESS LABELS @ 0.015 cents per piece, and only Walk Sequence “Saturation” pieces, not High Density or other Walk Sequence pieces. This allows the customer to mail to 100% of a CRRT and not have to print Address Labels for each piece, hence, DETACHED ADDRESS LABELS. One sheet of paper describing the ZIP Code and Carrier Route number can appear as the top piece. Currently the software does not print the actual “DETACHED ADDRESS LABEL” itself.

2. The Pallet # has been added to the Container Tags and the Container Tags Summary Report.

3. The Print Report feature is now available to be used inside any Script so you can now print Bookmarked PDF’s of any report file, including the NCOALink reports, during the Script process.

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