Where the Job ID number comes from

Information regarding the mail.dat electronic reports for PostalOne! add-on module for AccuZIP6.

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Where the Job ID number comes from

Post by Eric » Thu Dec 02, 2010 3:00 pm

1) Scripts\Presorts\*.ini file for the Name of their Saved Presort Setting, e.g., If I saved my presort as "My Presort", the ini in that folder would be "My Presort.ini" and if the JOBID= contained a value, we use it.

2) The Local Database INI. This file is checked 2nd and if JOBID= contains a value, it is used.

3) If JOBID= is missing or empty fin any of those files, then the first 8-characters of the Database name is used.

A Job ID (the Mail.dat® serial number) should be unique compared to all other supplied Job IDs provided by the same source. The Job ID assigned to any new Mail.dat® is also to be applied to any Historical Header Record part of that transmission; it is the Historical Job ID that retains the initial ID throughout its existence. Job IDs are user managed, but must remain unique within one User License Code.

Position 1-8 contains this ID in the MAILDAT.HDR. You can open this file with any text editor to see what value is listed there.
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