PostalOne error: PQT-1102

Information regarding the mail.dat electronic reports for PostalOne! add-on module for AccuZIP6.

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PostalOne error: PQT-1102

Post by Eric » Wed Apr 23, 2014 11:08 am

Error: The .pqt Package Level field value provided was X; it must be populated with A = Firm when the .cqt Rate Category field is populated with FB = Firm Bundle.

Each bundle in an FSS pallet gets a code of X = FSS Sort Plan in field PQT-1102. In the case of firm bundles in an FSS pallet, the firm bundle still needs to get a code of A.

This issue has not been adjusted in the AccuZIP6 program yet, and only affects Periodicals with Firm Bundles on an FSS pallet.
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