Mailer Scorecard: Nesting/Sortation errors

Information regarding the mail.dat electronic reports for PostalOne! add-on module for AccuZIP6.

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Mailer Scorecard: Nesting/Sortation errors

Post by Eric » Thu Apr 17, 2014 12:42 pm

From Tier 2 Support at PostalOne:

Nesting/Sortation errors 7855 and 7851 only apply to mailers enrolled into the Seamless Acceptance Program. These error totals are being displayed in the mailer’s scorecard because any postage statement finalized at a BMEU will automatically be enrolled in the Seamless Acceptance program. In the current implementation, this will be the case for all BMEUs. In a future release, only Postage Statements finalized at specific Seamless BMEUs will cause a job to be qualified for Seamless Acceptance. The Nesting/Sortation errors on the report can be ignored and no action is required. There are not any plans to generate invoices for these errors in the immediate future. These errors can be hidden from the scorecard by submitting an eDoc with “Bypass Seamless” populated.
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