BMEU Self-Service Terminal (SST)

Information regarding the mail.dat electronic reports for PostalOne! add-on module for AccuZIP6.

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BMEU Self-Service Terminal (SST)

Post by Eric » Wed Mar 05, 2014 9:59 am

BMEU Supervisor wrote:Dear Business Mailer,

The Postal Service has been looking at ways to enhance your experience at the Business Mail Entry Unit (BMEU). As a valued customer, the USPS would like to notify you of a new way to check in your jobs at your local BMEU. We have created a Self-Service Terminal (SST) which allows you to check in your Permit Imprint mailing without the aid of a BMEU acceptance employee. This option is only available for customers who submit their Permit Imprint postage statements electronically. This enhancement will make your visit to the BMEU a quicker and easier experience.

The SST will check the identified permit to ensure all fees are current and sufficient funds are available to cover the cost of the mailing. The SST will check to see if any type of mail review is required. If one is required, the system will print out a "mail review" placard which you will attach to the containers. If no verifications are required, a "mail release" PS FORM 3607 placard will print, which you will attach to your containers and move to the designated staging area. It's that easy.

The self-service terminal has a total of four steps.

1. Scan barcode of electronic confirmation acceptance notice (ECAN) or Full-Service tray label/container placard.
2. Validate your Postage Statement
3. Print and attach placards to your containers
4. Place your mail in the appropriate staging area and you are on your way.

The SST supports the following electronic submission types:

Postal Wizard and IMsb mailings
A Confirmation barcode has been added to the bottom of the electronic confirmation page (ECAN). When you bring in your mail to the BMEU, simply step u pto the SST and scan the barcode on the ECAN. The ECAN can even be emailed to a smart phone so the barcode can be scanned from your phone.

NEW-Full-Service Mail.dat and Mail.XML mailings-NEW
NEW PROCEDURE FOR MAIL.DAT files. An Electronic Confirmation Acceptance Notice (ECAN) can be printed from the Business Customer Gateway after validation and uploading through the MD-Client software. View the Postage Statement from the Dashboard and look at the upper right for a button saying Confirmation . . . Click that and you will be able to print the ECAN.

We hope you take advantage of the SST when bring your mail to the BMEU. We appreciate your business and would like to make your top to the BMEU as quick and easy as possible.

BMEU Supervisor
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