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PostalOne issue with ZIP Code 20790

Posted: Mon Jul 15, 2013 1:21 pm
by Eric
From an AccuZIP6 customer:
I wanted to let you know of an issue we had that we resolved with Postal One!. Apparently something is wrong with the tables provided by the USPS for presorting. If you presort from Capitol Heights, MD 20790 nothing will validate in PostalOne. Something is wrong with the Finance number tied to that zip in the table. To resolve you have to presort from 20799-9998 (also comes up as Capitol Heights, MD)

Basically if you use the Postal wizard, then 20790 works fine, but for maildat you have to use 20799-9998. They do not have any idea on when they will fix the issue. They just said it is now considered an ongoing issue.