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Single Piece rate pieces with Presort Mailings

Posted: Wed Jan 17, 2007 2:08 pm
by Eric
5.1.2 Single-Piece Rate Pieces Presented With Presort Mailings
[1-4-07] Regardless of postage payment method, mailers may present single-piece rate First-Class Mail with pieces claimed at automation or presort rates, and report all pieces on the same postage statement, if:

a. The mailer physically separates the single-piece rate pieces from the automation and presort pieces.

b. The single-piece rate pieces bear no rate marking or are marked "First-Class" or "Single-Piece" ("SNGLP") if not affixed with full single-piece rate postage. See 202.3.0, Placement and Content of Mail Markings.

c. The mailer affixes additional postage to the single-piece rate pieces to yield the correct amount on each piece, or (if prepared with a corrective rate marking) the mailer pays all additional postage at the time of mailing.

d. The mailer prepares single-piece rate mailpieces in trays labeled as follows:

1. Line 1: L201, for mail originating in ZIP Code areas in Column A, use "MXD" followed by city, state, and 3-digit ZIP Code prefix in Column C (use "MXD" instead of "OMX" in the destination line and ignore Column B).

2. Line 2: FCM SNGLP WKG.

3. Line 3: office of mailing or mailer information.

Posted: Wed Jan 17, 2007 2:10 pm
by Eric
If you install the latest version of AccuZIP6, you will get container tags abiding by these new postal regulations.