Barcode Postioning Requirements

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Barcode Postioning Requirements

Post by Kristen » Wed Apr 02, 2008 9:55 am

Below are the positioning requirements for printing/positioning the Delivery Point Barcode on your mailpiece:

If you are preparing automation mailpieces, the enhanced capabilities of current Postal Service barcode readers allow for the placement of barcodes in either of two possible locations on the face of a letter-size mailpiece.
The barcode must appear either in the lower right corner of the mailpiece in the barcode clear zone, or if printed as part of the address, in the address block barcode read area.
For the Barcode Sorters to successfully read a barcode, a clearance of 1/25” above and below and 1/8” on the left and right side of the barcode must be maintained.
Window envelopes must maintain this clearance when tapped to the left, tapped to the right and also tapped down.

Reference: ... ay2207.txt

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