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Tips for Using a Postage Meter for Bulk Mailings

Posted: Tue May 22, 2007 10:57 am
by Kristen
When using a postage meter for your postage on bulk mailings there are some requirements that must be met. You can find details of all these requirements on the USPS website at: ... eMeter.htm

Below is a summary of the basic requirements of what must appear on your meter imprint. Your meter manufacturer will help you comply with these requirements: 1) postage amount, 2) meter number, 3) city and state of the post office where you hold your permit, and 4) rate marking (PRSRT STD, NONPROFIT ORG, PRSRT FIRST-CLASS).

First-Class Mail (single-piece and Presorted) MUST show the date that the mail is deposited with the Postal Service.