Technote: W301
Title: Sorting a Walk Sequence List
Edited: July 1, 2008

In order to get saturation and high density rates, your list must be in walk sequence order. In addition, you need to be mailing to 90% of all residences in a carrier route or 75% of all activate deliveries in the route in order to get saturation rates for that route. To get high density rates, you need 125 pieces in a route.

You can purchase a walk sequence list from a list vendor or you can have your list put in walk sequence order by a post office designated vendor. Contact your post office for more information.

To process a walk sequence list in AccuZIP6 you must have a sequence number in the list. Any walk sequence list will have the walk sequence number. In AccuZIP6 be sure to assign the walk sequence number to the field named walkseq_.

All other fields would be assigned as usual, i.e. address, city, st, zip. Once you have properly assigned the fields, import your list, then pull down the Special menu to Validate records and validate the list. This will populate the barcode field.

Pull down the Sort menu to Presort Mail. Setup the Presort Setup window according to your parameters.