Add a Residential Delivery Record status to each valid address in your database

Unlike the United States Postal Service®, some shipping companies charge a higher price for delivery to a residence. If you are shipping to residences, you may lower costs by shipping with the Postal Service™ and avoid residential delivery surcharges.

RDI™ enabled software helps you make informed shipping decisions by identifying whether a delivery type is classified as residential or business.

RDI isn't just beneficial for reducing shipping costs. If your customer's mailing is intended to target only homes, RDI can help you there as well.

You can now add the Residential Delivery Indicator (RDI) to your valid addresses in AccuZIP6. During the validation process, the rdi field will get populated with a Y or N, indicating whether or not an address is a residence. This extra feature will not slow down the validation process.

This RDI feature is an add-on module for AccuZIP6 that requires an activation registration number.

RDI Values:

Y = Residential Delivery
N = Not Residential Delivery
Blank = Did not query RDI

Call AccuZIP Sales at 1-800-233-0555 for pricing information and to order RDI today!

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