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Swap last and first at the comma

Posted: Fri Mar 14, 2014 8:45 am
by Eric
*Example: Cowher, Bill & Kaye changes to Kaye & Bill Cowher
*Example: Roethlisberger, Ben changes to Ben Roethlisberger
*Example: Gordon III, Melvin changes to Melvin Gordon III

This command requires the name appear in the field named First

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Replace first with ALLT(ltrim(substr(first,at(",",alltrim(first))+1)))+" "+left(first,at(",",alltrim(first))-1) for occur(",",alltrim(first))>0
This command moves anything before the comma to the end of the field, after what originally appears after the comma. This example uses a comma and the field named First. With some field name changing, you can use this command on any field. You can change the comma to a hyphen or pipe if that's the character that you want to trigger the swap. Any field, any character.