Satori Printer Driver with Windows Vista/7/8

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Satori Printer Driver with Windows Vista/7/8

Post by Eric » Tue Mar 19, 2013 9:08 am

Follow these instructions to print successfully in AccuZIP6 with a Satori Printer Driver.

1. Edit your template, and click on File>Page Setup.
2. Make sure the checkbox next to “Save Printer Environment” is not checked.
3. Close and save the template.
4. Close AccuZIP entirely.
5. Go to Devices and Printers in Windows.
6. Set your Satori driver as the default by right-clicking it and choosing set as default.
7. It should still be highlighted, but if not, single-click it.
8. Now, at the top, a button will appear that says “Print Server Properties”. Click it.
9. Check the box for Create New Form.
10. In the form name, call it 1.5 x 8.5
11. In the boxes down below, set the width to 8.5, and the height to 1.5.
12. Click OK to save the form and settings.
13. Now, relaunch AccuZIP.
14. Presort your list and go back to Print Labels.
15. Click the Edit button.
16. Go to File>Page Setup.
17. Your printer should be shown in the “Printer” line. Click the Page Setup button at the bottom.
18. In the paper size pulldown, your new form should appear. Choose it.
19. Click OK, and you should be back at the Page Setup window. The column width should now read 8.5.
20. Check the box for “Save Printer Environment”.
21. Click OK again to return to the Label Designer.
22. Make sure your address block is at the top of the template, then double click the bar at the bottom of the label designer that says “Detail”.
23. Go to the General tab, and make the height 1.5.
24. Close and save the template and print.

The issue was that the Satori drivers report the paper size within the software—AccuZIP does not. So when Satori wrote the driver for the Imager, they made it so the software had to report the paper size, and if the width does not match the piece being fed through the printer, it will spit out blanks like that. So what you’ll want to do is create custom forms for all piece widths that you print to. Once you do that, you’ll need to select the proper form for the size, and use that template only on pieces that width. But with the instructions above, you should be able to print the current pieces you’re trying to run the job on.
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