Control line spacing in template?

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Control line spacing in template?

Post by pilviaccuzip » Tue Jul 19, 2011 9:02 am

Is there any way to control line spacing in a label design template? We want the barcode below the address block and we don't want the barcode to move, so we put all of the data fields in one text box, i.e.:
reduce(first+" "+last);company;address;reduce(city+" "+st+" "+zip)
but the font we're using has huge vertical line spacing and there seems to be no way to control it. We can adjust the line spacing if we put each line of data fields in their own box and then adjust them to where we want, but then the barcode jumps around when some lines are blank (like address2 or company) when they are suppressed.

Any way to adjust line spacing without putting in multiple text boxes?


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