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Changing Permissions for non-admin users to run AccuZIP6

Posted: Wed Jan 07, 2009 8:07 am
by Eric
Changing Permissions for non-admin users to run AccuZIP6 and Print on 32-bit and 64-bit OS

1. Permissions on the c:\Program Files\AccuZIP6 5.0 folder need to be changed to allow non-administrator users to run the application.
2. While logged on as an administrator, browse to the install location for AccuZIP, usually C:\Program Files\AccuZIP6 5.0
3. Right click the AccuZIP6 5.0 folder, go to Properties and the Security tab
4. Add the name of the user you wish to allow permission to run the application.
5. Check the “Modify” box, under the “Allow” column and click the Apply button
6. Select the Advanced button
7. Check the box for “Replace permission entries on all child objects . . . “ and select Ok
8. You receive a security prompt. Select Yes to continue.
9. The security changes will be applied.
10. When the user logs in next, they will be able to print PDFs.

For more help with printing in AccuZIP6 on a 64-bit machine, read this forum thread.