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Variable Data Printing with AccuZIP6

Posted: Tue Apr 10, 2018 9:57 am
by Dave
Because of our advanced template abilities, I was able to move an avid Satori user to AccuZIP6. They were using Satori, and fairly happy with the product except for the cumbersome way they had to stack multiple images on top of each other and then call the image from an “if/then” statement based on an ID. This is in no way scalable, and would definitely be confusing when going to edit an image.

I was able to show her how to build a database of 1,600+ image paths (with a command) that AccuZIP6 would simply index and call from the label designer. No more stacking of images in the template, you simply have an ID in the file, and the template would print based on the ID!