Print the IMB correctly when using the North/South feature

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Print the IMB correctly when using the North/South feature

Post by Eric » Fri Sep 02, 2011 1:39 pm

AccuZIP6 allows you to export your data in North/South 2 up, 3 up, 4 up...all the way up to 20 up order for the purpose of printing and cutting stacks of cards.

The procedure for doing this requires you export your data choosing a North/South x order, then open that file in AccuZIP6 (or elsewhere) and print.

If you're exporting in North/South order and then opening the file in AccuZIP6 to print the addresses and intelligent mail barcode in that order, then follow these instructions to get the correct service type to be printed in the IMB:

In the Export Setup window, choose the fields you'd like to export, choose AccuZIP6 5.x as your Export Format, then choose the Print Order of North/South 2 (or another North/South option).

Add an extra field to the export field attributes area with these attributes:

Name: servtype
Type: Character
Len: 3
Expression: SUBSTR(imbdigits,3,3)

Export your data. After exporting, pull down the File menu to Open Database.
Pull down the Additions menu to AccuTrace > Intelligent Mail Setup.
In the Standard Class area, single click twice on the question mark below Use Service Type From Field.
With the question mark highlighted, type in the word servtype then hit the Enter key on your keyboard to lock it in.
Click OK, then close the Intelligent Mail Setup window.

When you print the Intelligent Mail Barcode, the correct service type will be used.
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