Alternate Case in IMB for Kodak Versamark Printers

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Alternate Case in IMB for Kodak Versamark Printers

Post by Eric » Thu Jan 13, 2011 8:32 am

The Alternate case command and the instructions below will take the 65 letters that make up the Intelligent Mail Barcode and alternate the letters between upper and lower case. The Kodak Versamark printers will interpret this alternate casing of the IMB to print a 22 bar per inch barcode.

Presort your list in AccuZIP6.
In the Print Presort window, click on Print Labels.
In the Print Settings window, click on the Output pull down menu and choose Disk File. Make sure the Intelligent Mail box is checked. Click Continue.
In the Export Setup window, select the fields you'd like to export, select the export format of AccuZIP6 5.x Database, then click Export.
Give the file a name, choose where you want to save it, then click Save.
Close the Print Settings window and the Print Presort window.
Pull down the File menu to Open Database.
Open the file you had just created from the export.
Pull down the Edit menu to Command.
In the Save As box, give the command a name, such as: Intelligent Mail Barcode Alternate Case Command
In the Command Statement Syntax area, paste the command below (triple click inside the code box below to highlight the entire command, press CTRL+C to copy, then press CTRL+V to paste it inside the Command Statement Syntax box):

Code: Select all

replace all imbarcode with PROPER(LEFT(imbarcode,2))+PROPER(SUBSTR(imbarcode,3,2))+PROPER(SUBSTR(imbarcode,5,2))+PROPER(SUBSTR(imbarcode,7,2))+PROPER(SUBSTR(imbarcode,9,2))+PROPER(SUBSTR(imbarcode,11,2))+PROPER(SUBSTR(imbarcode,13,2))+PROPER(SUBSTR(imbarcode,15,2))+PROPER(SUBSTR(imbarcode,17,2))+PROPER(SUBSTR(imbarcode,19,2))+PROPER(SUBSTR(imbarcode,21,2))+PROPER(SUBSTR(imbarcode,23,2))+PROPER(SUBSTR(imbarcode,25,2))+PROPER(SUBSTR(imbarcode,27,2))+PROPER(SUBSTR(imbarcode,29,2))+PROPER(SUBSTR(imbarcode,31,2))+PROPER(SUBSTR(imbarcode,33,2))+PROPER(SUBSTR(imbarcode,35,2))+PROPER(SUBSTR(imbarcode,37,2))+PROPER(SUBSTR(imbarcode,39,2))+PROPER(SUBSTR(imbarcode,41,2))+PROPER(SUBSTR(imbarcode,43,2))+PROPER(SUBSTR(imbarcode,45,2))+PROPER(SUBSTR(imbarcode,47,2))+PROPER(SUBSTR(imbarcode,49,2))+PROPER(SUBSTR(imbarcode,51,2))+PROPER(SUBSTR(imbarcode,53,2))+PROPER(SUBSTR(imbarcode,55,2))+PROPER(SUBSTR(imbarcode,57,2))+PROPER(SUBSTR(imbarcode,59,2))+PROPER(SUBSTR(imbarcode,61,2))+PROPER(SUBSTR(imbarcode,63,2))+PROPER(SUBSTR(imbarcode,65,1))
Click Run, then close the Command window. Your Intelligent Mail barcode's casing will alternate between upper and lower case. Now you can export your data in the format you choose by pulling down the File menu to Export, choose Export All Fields, then click on the Export Format pull down menu and select the export format you need.
Click Export. Give the file a name, choose where you want to save it, and click Save.
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