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Q&A on AccuZIP and the Full Service IMB

Posted: Tue Apr 14, 2009 3:10 pm
by Kristen
Below are some frequently asked Questions and Answers about the Full Service IMB (Intelligent Mail Barcode) -

Q. What upgrades do AccuZIP users need to do by May 11, 2009 for the FULL SERVICE IMB?
- You will need to purchase AccuZIP's MAIL.DAT option
The new MAIL.DAT will support the 09-1 format too by May 11, 2009.

Q. Does AccuZIP support xml format?
- We currently do not support this format and it is not required for Full Service IMB. We are looking to support the Mail.xml output format in the future. If you own our MAIL.DAT license, then you would receive any upgrades as part of your annual subscription to MAIL.DAT free.

Q. What tracking software does AccuZIP have for the full service IMB?
- We are developing our new tracking product named AccuTraceâ„¢. We hope to release this product later this year in Q4. We will provide unlimited tracking for an annual flat fee. The additional licenses are currently set at the same price as the first and will include unlimited tracking of all your mail and containers.