IMBarcode field is blank when printing

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IMBarcode field is blank when printing

Post by Eric » Wed Oct 01, 2008 11:33 am

If the IMBarcode and IMBDigits fields get created and are blank, make sure the ZIP field contains the entire ZIP+4 and the barcode field contains 14 characters (12 numbers with a slash on each end). If that's the case, then pull down the Edit fields and delete the IMBarcode and IMBDigits fields (if they exist), then do this:

Pull down File to Export. Export all fields. Choose AccuZIP6 5.x Database as the export format. Click Export. Decide where you'd like to save the file, give the export a name, then click Save.

Close your database, then pull down the File menu to Open List. Open the the file created from the export. Check the Use Header box. Uncheck the Optimize box, then click Import.

Validate the list, presort it, then try checking the Print Barcode and Intelligent Mail boxes again and click Print. This time, the IMBarcode and IMBDigits fields will be created and populated successfully.
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