Export the 31 numbers of the IM Barcode

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Export the 31 numbers of the IM Barcode

Post by Eric » Mon Apr 07, 2008 8:52 am

If your inkjet software needs the 31 numeric digits that make up the Intelligent Mail Barcode, you can export this string of numbers with the instructions below:

From the Print Settings window, click on the Output pull down menu, and choose Disk File.
Check the Print Barcode and Intelligent Mail boxes, and click Continue.

In the Export Setup window, select the fields you'd like to export or select an export map.
Add the IMBDIGITS field to the export field attributes.
Increase the LEN column to 31.
In the Expression text area for the IMBDIGITS row, type this expression:

IIF(LEN(ALLT(barcode))=14,ALLT(imbdigits)+SUBSTR(barcode,2,11),ALLT(imbdigits)+PADR(ALLT(SUBSTR(barcode,2,5)),11," "))

Save the export map so this expression is saved, and you're ready to export. This will create a proper Intelligent Mail Barcode for both the deliverable records (with a full zip+4), as well as the records with only a 5-digit zip that may be included in a sort.
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