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TEM Failure Notice: USPS Tracking (IMpb)

Posted: Tue Apr 15, 2014 8:11 am
by Eric
TEM Failure Notice: USPS Tracking (IMpb) Electronic File Evaluation Results
Thank you for your interest in the USPS Tracking Service – IMpb. We have evaluated your Electronic Files.

Unfortunately, your Electronic Files did not meet the required specifications to participate in the USPS Tracking Program – IMpb.

Please review the Error listed below and resubmit a new IMpb Electronic File:

If you receive this error, it is because you included records with an invalid ZIP Code in your presort.

Before presorting parcels, pull down the Select menu to Show > Invalid ZIP Codes. Next, pull down the Select menu to Show > Background.

Presort your list and the invalid ZIP Code records (records without a valid U.S. ZIP Code) will be omitted from the presort. You cannot pass the electronic file evaluation from the USPS NCSC if you have records without a valid 5 digit ZIP Code in the mailing.